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本公司行銷通路遍布海外,在歐洲、北美、日本客戶間皆有良好口碑,目前產品以外銷為主,內銷為輔。 為服務對品質高水準要求的客戶,不斷致力於符合國際標準的產品製作流程、及專業技術密集的產品製造與研發,以「責任、品質、效率、謙誠」的經營理念,並以【品質至上、營養衛生、精益求精】為本公司的品質政策,並本著持續改善的決心,年度設定不同的品質目標,為廣大消費群眾提供健康美味高品質的產品而持續努力。

Affinity Food Co., Ltd. It’s a professional food manufacturer and OEM, in manufacture of various cookies, such as sugar free cookies, fruit cake, natural nutrition bar, pastry and vegetarian food. Main business is export, local is the next. In President’s leadership, 「Responsibility, Quality, Efficiency and Honesty」 are operative concepts AFFINITY insists, AFFINITY has committed itself to research and development for the production of better quality products.

Responsibility, Quality, Efficiency, and Honesty are the principles of management of AFFINITY. Providing professional service to customers and continuing to seek improvements of their products are goals of the staffs of our entire company.












2005年:12月通過ISO 9001.2000及HACCP認證。




In 1989:Created「GUANG SHUN CO.,」,major business was to distribute and exhibit commercial goods in naive chain stores.

In 1994:Further expand to become “AI FEN TAI TRADING LTD.” The new company continued to serve as an agent of sales marketing and

started the import-export business.

In 1995:Set up its own brand “SMILE SUN” , serious of food were manufactured based on the concept of natural and healthy food .

In 1998:In June, it’s the first time of company participated in the International Food Exhibition, sponsored by the CETRA. And start to

expansion foreign trade business.

In 1999:In March, participation in Japan Tokyo International Food Exhibition. And also coordinated with many agent and distributors to

participate local food expositions in several countries.

In 1999:Started to selling in Japan.

In 1999:The name changed to「 AFFINITY FOOD CO., LTD.」

In 2003:Constructs the new factory.

In 2004:The new factory was began to using.

In 2005:In January, created North America branch in San Francisco, U.S.A.

In 2005:Created Europe branch in Wien, Austria.

In 2005:In December, qualified ISO 9001 and HACCP.

In 2006:Created one shop in Wien.


1997年 10月榮獲「中華民國消費者協會」【消費者金商獎】

1998年 2月榮獲「中華民國消費者協會」【優良食品金牌獎】

1998年 5月榮獲「中華經貿研究發展協會-優良企業商品」【顧客滿意度金質獎】


2007年 榮獲「台灣精緻農業金牌獎」

In October, 1997:Won the 「Consumer Golden Merchant Award 」 from the R.O.C. Consumer Association.

In February, 1998:Won the 「Outstanding Golden Medal Award 」from the R.O.C. Consumer Association.

In May, 1998:Won the 「Consumer Satisfaction Golden Quality Award 」for its outstanding commercial goods from Chinese Economic And Trade Research And Development Association.